Landscape photographer

Drone operator

Drone operator

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Property Photos

Get images of property from the air that stands out from the crowd. Either for use on sale or for private use.


Aerial view

Do you have a larger property or a mountain cabin in scenic surroundings, it is not always easy to get hold of everything, unless you take the picture from height.


Our work horse

DJI S800 EVO is our work horse, a large stable hexacopter. With the DJI ZenMuse Z15 brushless Gimbal for Sony NEX7, you get perfectly stabilized images and unlimited 360 ° views of the world for amazing shots.

With flight times of up to 15 minutes and a set-up time of less than 15 minutes, this versatile talent applied quickly on site to create the perfect shots for you.


I operate at an hourly rate of 900 NOK per hour. After entering into an agreement, I will start preparing for the assignment. All of this is included in the price, but should you change your mind, you will be billed a minimum amount for work done.

Price 450 NOK

Weather conditions

For technical reasons, the mission can not be carried out by rain, fog, high winds or temperatures below minus 10°C.

Prices include

Drive within 10 km of Tromsø city center. In addition to this, there is a driving allowance according to the state's rates.


After you receive the result, you will receive a specified invoice by email or email.

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Certified RO2 Operator at the Civil Aviation Authority